If it’s March, it must be Edinburgh Yarn Festival

It’s only been going for a few years, but EYF is fast becoming a March tradition round here. This year I could only go for the Saturday – and I have to say, I did feel that I missed out.  I think I need that second day to take time to absorb everything – there’s so much fabulousness there to take in, too much for just one day.

Which is not to say I didn’t enjoy myself – because I did!  It gives me such a thrill every year to be in one place that’s full of people who “get” knitting and other yarny pursuits; to be in a place where it’s perfectly normal to squish and sniff skeins of wool and squeal over texture and colour and pattern; a place where you can admire other people’s knits and have complete strangers come up to you and tell you they love what you’re wearing and ask what’s the pattern and what’s the yarn.

This year, I had a list – granted, it was a long list, but it was carefully thought through. And I managed to do and get everything on my list – except for one yarn, which was sold out by the time I got there first thing on Saturday morning.  But it’s one that I can get online later and I’ve got plenty of other projects to be getting on with, so that’s OK.

So what did I get?


Some lovely things there! I wanted the Pompom autumn magazine because I plan to knit the wrap that’s on the cover and there are several other designs in it that are going to go into my ever-lengthening queue as well.  Not on my list were the cardigan pattern (more about that below) and the (free) Shetland Wool Week hat pattern – those waves would look fabulous in sea-greens and blue.  I bought a Shetland Wool Week notebook for knitterly notes as well (not pictured).

Other things from  my list:


As you can see, I’ve cast on my Gingerbread sweater already…

  • gradient yarn from Bilum for a Zastruga shawl
  • Ysolda’s Belyse mitt pattern and the Blend No 1 kit to knit them
  • mini-pops from Dye Ninja, because I can’t resist her amazing colours
  • Suilven from Ripples Crafts for a design project I’m working on

Ahem… this may also have been cast on already…

  • sock yarn, also from Ripples Crafts, because, you know, you always have to have a pair of socks on the needles, and I’d just cast the last pair off.

And yes, another thing I just couldn’t wait to get started on. The colourway is the spendidly named “I told you it was bright”


  • I’d swithered about getting one of these last year, and the idea had stayed with me all year.  It was my first purchase of the festival!  Just look at those colours.  I’ve long been looking for a solution to keep my circulars under control and this is ideal.

And some things that weren’t on my list…

That cardigan pattern – which fell into my basket because I was bowled over by the yarn –  the new Walcot Yarns Opus, a mix of merino and alpaca. It’s so plump and soft and the samples on display – including this beautiful cardigan by Amanda Jones – had such amazing stitch definition.  It was only after a bit of oohing and ahhing, that I realised I’d heard about this yarn before  – in the Yarn in the City podcast.  I was so tempted to get some of the natural grey – but it’s not really my colour.  I got to see the dyed shades that are coming soon though – and I’m going to be spoilt for choice.  There are some seriously lovely colours coming in the range.  The Walcot Yarns slogan is “indulgent fibre blends made to knit, wear and love” and Opus certainly hits the spot.

And this amazing bag from Woolly Originals.


Just look at that lining!  This bag is the perfect size for sock projects – and it’s going to last for years and years.  It’s an investment!

I also got to see and feel the new Blacker Yarns Samite yarn.  I’d heard a lot about it and I was intrigued.  Although I don’t have a project in mind yet, I’ve a feeling one will come along in the future, so I wanted to see Samite in real life and and suss out the colours.  So I’ll be well prepared when that perfect project crops up.  I liked Peacock’s Neck and Burnished Night – even the names of the colours are so appealing!

So that’s a whirlwind tour of my EYF 2017 purchases.  Looking forward to next year already!











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